College of Education and Human Development

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Mathematics education

Scholarly research on the practice of teaching and learning mathematics.

Erin Baldinger Erin Baldinger

My research agenda centers on the preparation of secondary mathematics teachers. I focus on two primary lines of inquiry: (1) novice teacher development of mathematical knowledge for teaching; and (2) supporting novice teachers to learn high-leverage…

Erin Baldinger

Lesa Clarkson Lesa Clarkson

The foundation of my research agenda is mathematics in urban classrooms. This interest evolved from my initial study which examined a middle school reform mathematics curriculum to determine if mathematics achievement, as determined by the state…

Lesa Clarkson

Irene Duranczyk Irene Duranczyk

What motivates me in my work? Being a member of a community that is working to advance an engaged, multicultural peaceful world is my passion.

Irene Duranczyk

Susan Staats Susan Staats

As a cultural anthropologist with research and teaching responsibilities in mathematics, my academic pathway is varied and unusual.

Susan Staats

Ranza Veltri Torres Ranza Veltri Torres

My research takes a humanizing approach to investigating how school mathematics can function as a gatekeeper by centering the stories of math learners and doers.

Ranza Veltri Torres

Terrence Wyberg Terrence Wyberg

My teaching experience began as a high school mathematics teacher in Yuma, Arizona. Since that time, I have taught mathematics at the high school and college levels and mathematics education at the college level.

Terrence Wyberg
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