College of Education and Human Development

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Emeriti Faculty

David Arendale David Arendale

What motivates me in my work? Each of us is responsible for making a difference by doing the things we were placed on this planet to do and act in a responsible and respectful way with everyone around us. It is a joy to continue the work.

David Arendale

Patricia Avery Patricia Avery

My interest in political socialization and education began almost 35 years ago as an undergraduate political science major: How do young people’s political conceptualizations and orientations develop, and what role does schooling play in the…

Patricia Avery

Richard Beach Richard Beach

My primary research interest is in understanding secondary students’ responses to literature and the media, particularly multicultural literature.

Richard Beach

James Bequette James Bequette

My current inquiry in art education centers on Minnesota Native populations and is inspired by 15 years spent teaching in K-12 schools with mostly American Indian students.

James Bequette

Kathleen Cramer Kathleen Cramer

I have been working in the area of teacher preparation for over 20 years. I have taught mathematics methods courses for pre-service elementary education majors and similar courses for in-service teachers at the graduate level.

Kathleen Cramer

Lee Galda Lee Galda

My research and teaching interests focus on children and adolescents and their literature.

Lee Galda

Lori Helman Lori Helman

At the heart of my research is a quest to understand the literacy development of students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and apply this understanding to effective classroom practices.

Lori Helman

Roger Johnson Roger Johnson

I have had the opportunity to teach in several innovative public schools. My research focus has been the development and dissemination of cooperative learning techniques for the classroom throughout the U.S., Canada, and in several other countries.

Roger Johnson

Thomas Post Thomas Post

I have taught courses and written materials focused on mathematics methods, research, manipulative materials, remedial instruction, and the psychology of mathematical conceptual development.

Thomas Post

Thom Swiss Thom Swiss

My writing and teaching focus on interdisciplinary subjects, including the cultural studies of education with an emphasis on pop culture, critical internet studies, and creative writing.

Thom Swiss

Barbara Taylor Barbara Taylor

Currently, I am the director of the Minnesota Center for Reading Research . The mission of the Center is to conduct a) applied research on reading and b) research on teaching approaches that facilitate reading instruction.

Barbara Taylor

Diane Tedick Diane Tedick

As a former bilingual teacher, I have always been convinced that teaching language through content is the most effective approach to teaching second/foreign languages, and there is ample research evidence to support that conviction.

Diane Tedick

Constance Walker Constance Walker

I have long had an interest in the school experiences of second language learners, particularly those students who must learn English as a second language while also mastering academic content at school.

Constance Walker