College of Education and Human Development

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Diversity and inclusion

We are a complex and rich community, from many different walks of life. We work together to change the education system one teacher, one researcher, one specialist at a time. We also understand the work of equity and justice is an ongoing process that starts with us. We are here to support and advocate for all, regardless of race, religion, language, immigration status, national origin, gender expression, sexual orientation, or ability status. We work for inclusivity through education, mentorship, and our work with and for schools and communities.


Our faculty are renowned experts tackling big issues related to race, diversity, and education. Students in the research track interested in deepening their understanding of systemic educational inequities and conducting an area of research that promotes social justice will find skilled mentors and access to a large, urban school districts to study and collaborate with. Learn more about the student research experience.


Aspiring teachers will take rigorous coursework taught through a social justice lense that promotes our mission of educational equity. Our Teachers Scholars of Color program is designed to support aspiring teachers of color with mentors, a dedicated space to study and network, and with scholarship support. Contact JB Mayo to find out more.