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YoUthROC Research team published in Berkeley Review of Education

The YoUthROC research team recently published an article titled "From Youth Activism to Youth-Powered Curriculum" in the Berkeley Review of Education. The article spotlights their social movement participation, analysis, and the action they took to create workshops, lessons, and curriculum guides for youth-by-youth. Stemming from the team's 2020-2021 research and activism, the article addresses the grounding question, "How do youth navigate an uprising?" 

Results discuss themes present--and needed--in movement work: the centrality of collectivism, internal and collective self-determination, and young people’s already-existing commitment to analysis and dynamic change. 


This article and the website is for young people eager to engage in activism and youth workers/teachers looking to invite authentic student-centered experiences. Access the article at, for more information explore YoUthROC's Youth in Social Movement Curriculum Website.

For additional information about YoUthROC visit their website at or follow them on Instagram at 

Contributors for this article include YoUthROC co-founders Shaunassey Johnson (UMN M.Ed. 2023), Amina Smaller, Savannah McCullough, and Abigail Rombalski (faculty), along with contributions from C&I student teacher Nhia Chang (UMN M.Ed. 2024), Eva García (UMN '22), Yasmin Smaller, Karla García, and other YoUthROC members and partners along the way.