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Vichet Chhuon

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Vichet Chhuon

Areas of interest

Motivation; Urban Education; Racial and Ethnic Identities; Adolescent Development; School Connectedness; Immigrant Youth; Asian American Studies.


PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
culture and teaching


My research has broadly focused on the experiences of immigrant youth and students of color to understand how school institutions might better help them realize their promise. For example, some of my work has focused on the academic and ethnic identities of Cambodian-American students. My other writing has examined how notions of belonging and being known matter for young people's identities and relationships with teachers and other significant adults in school.

Currently, I am interested in how immigrants and families navigate immigration policies, school systems, and other opportunity structures in pursuit of meaningful lives in the United States and abroad.



  • CI 5164: Child & Adolescent Development for Teaching and Learning
  • CI 3150: Special Topics on Southeast Asian Students in the United States
  • CI 8133: Research Methods in Curriculum & Instruction
  • CI 8148: Qualitative Research Methods in Education
  • CI 8151: Research and Paradigms in Teacher Education
  • CI 8159: Racial & Ethnic Identities in Teaching and Learning

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2021: Marty and Jack Rossman Research Award, CEHD, University of Minnesota
  • 2015: Carl A. Grant Presidential Research Award, National Association for Multicultural Education
  • 2015: Early Career Achievement Award, Association for Asian American Studies
  • 2015: Multicultural Faculty Recognition Award, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota
  • 2014: Imagine Funds Grant Program for Arts, Design, and Humanities, University of Minnesota
  • 2013: Early Career Contributions Award, American Educational Research Association, Committee on Scholars of Color in Education

In the News

"Cambodian American Identities, Families, and Futures with Vichet Chhuon," October 22, 2021, Southeast Asia Crossroads podcast, Northern Illinois University

"The Deep Roots and Long Reach of Immigration Policy,"  April 17, 2018, Pollen

"Counterpoint: Teachers of Color and American Indian Descent in Minnesota are Crucial," April 5, 2017, Star Tribune

8 Cambodian Refugees in Minnesota Prove Why Deportations Must be Stopped,” Apr 1, 2017, HuffPost

“‘Painting is to easel’ South High students unearth racism in standardized testing,” Jan 26, 2016, TC Daily Planet


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