College of Education and Human Development

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Cassie Scharber

  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

  • Associate Professor of Learning Technologies, Director of the L+T Collaborative, Bonnie Westby Huebner Chair in Education and Technology

  • Office Hours

    by appointment

Cassie Scharber

Areas of interest

K12 computer science education, technology integration, online teaching and learning, (critical) digital literacies, interpretive case study, research-practice partnerships


PhD, University of Minnesota
Learning Technologies
Literacy Education


 I am troubled by the narrow conceptions and practices of literacy and learning that proliferate in schools and current educational inequalities that are rooted in the gendered, racist, and classist histories of U.S. schooling. My scholarship, service, and teaching explore and challenge these issues.

I am a community-engaged scholar and former K12 teacher. With my colleagues at the L+T Collaborative, I lead long-term research-practice partnerships with local school districts focused on technology integration, computer science education, and online learning. I also am involved with CSforAll-MN, a collective effort committed to advancing equitable computer science education policies and opportunities for every K12 student in Minnesota.

Research Grant-Funded Projects

DataX: Exploring Justice-Oriented Data Science with Secondary School Students (2021-2023) (Co-PI)

SciGirls Code: A national connected learning model to integrate computing in STEM learning for middle school girls (2015-2018) (Co-PI)

Bright Stars: Technology-mediated settings for urban youth as pathways for engaged learning (2015-2019) (PI)

Classes taught

  • CI 5330 - Computer Science for K12 Educators
  • CI 5331 - Introduction to Learning Technologies
  • CI 5323 - Online Learning Communities
  • CI 8149 - Qualitative Research: Coding, Analysis, Interpretation, and Writing
  • CI 8350 - Readings and Research in Learning Technologies
  • CI 8391 - Learning Technologies Seminar: Academic Writing

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